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ITIL Incident, Problem and Change anagrams

Service management is a serious subject.

Sometimes too serious.

Here's a lighter look at some of the ITIL terminology through the eyes of an anagram generator.

ITIL Incident Management

        A Damning Enticement
        Mandate - Enticing Men
        Animating Decent Men
        Indecent, militant enigma

ITIL Change Management

        Me Manage A Client Thing
        Me Gentle. A Maniac Thing
        A Maniac Niggle.  Then Met!
        A Management Glitch.  Ein!
        Managing A Client He Met
        Cling! Then Manage A Item
        Ethnic Men Met A Ganglia
        Angina! Men Meet A Glitch!
        A Managing Tech Lite Men
        Ice Melt!  Then A Managing
        Lent? Gimme A Tech Angina  
        A Night Mania! Neglect Me
        A Glitch! Ten Men I Manage!
        Gin? Nil.  Me? A Tech Magnate  
        Me Lamenting A Teaching

ITIL Problem Management

        Blame Impatient Mongrel

and last by not least....

        Immobile Gentleman Part  <<< Now there's a real problem!

Any others?

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